We turn environmental data into emotional,
aesthetic, real-time connections.


Inspired by the environment

We know that you love art, care about environmental protection, and like tasteful design. Through a business card-sized box, YIIiSU.com creates a taste that meets your space needs, reminds you of the changes in the environment and your relationship, and is also the most advanced embodiment of science and technology.

Driven by nature

Nature's creations and numbers have always been inextricably linked, such as the Fibonacci sequence hidden in the sunflower stamens, the Voronoi Diagram rules that form the veins of the veins, and so on, all showing the beauty of the laws and order in the organic world. The artist's love for nature triggers his exploration of the natural world. By observing the growth of plants and writing with expert programs, he instantly creates another real-world-looking but unconnected but driven by the real world on the screen. The resulting virtual world.
  • Health care

    Through real-time visual presentation, we can clearly communicate the environment related to us so that we can adapt to it.

  • Environmental care

    We care about the connection between people and the global environment. Through the picture, we hope to remind us of the importance we attach to environmental protection. No one can stay aside.

  • Education

    Through the construction of the screen composition, the complex data is transformed to have temperature and emotion, and the reminder and educational significance of environmental protection are always conveyed.

  • Decoration

    Scientific data is rigid. Through the team's cultivation of aesthetics, in addition to conveying information, We hope that the picture itself is a beautiful scenery in the space.

Play anytime, anywhere

Works on both local/clouds

We provide both clouds and local works storage. The works are automatically played after booting, which is convenient for setting. When the machine has several works, it can be switched through the iOS app we provide.

One mobile, Multiple devices

When there are different works in different spaces, remote multi-point control can be performed through the app provided by YIIiSU.com.

Easy to install

Plug & Play

We think the best setting is the least setting. Therefore, in addition to setting up the network when using the device for the first time, we support plug-and-play, which is simple and convenient.

Low consumption

In order to save the power consumption of long-term playback, we worked hard on the hardware and software, hoping to present the best works while taking into account energy and environmental protection.


  • Environmental index

    How to show the relationship between nature and us? Through the environmental indicators we care about, we hope to convey important information and communication correctly and properly through visual performance.

  • Online behavior

    The huge amount message that we receive on the Internet all the time, what is worth keeping and what do not need to remember?

  • Physical and mental state

    Our bodies send many messages at any time. Through sensors, we can use blood pressure, heartbeat, brain waves and other data to let us observe and understand ourselves at a micro level.

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