The forest

"From a tree to a forest, there is mathematical reason under the natural texture; the dense foliage, like the clean sky, and the sparse dead branches, tell the sadness of pm2.5."

Nature's creations and numbers have always been inextricably linked. "Lin" is just one of a series of works that uses programmatic drawings to interpret the mathematical rules hidden in nature. First use a recursive function to draw a tree made up of straight lines, and then add parameters such as height, angle, thickness, growth speed, and growth range, so "Lin" began to have bionic reality.

In 2017, air pollution caused by pm2.5 has become a major challenge facing Taiwan. The author imported the pm2.5 real-time detection data of the location of the work into the "forest" growth rule, which was derived based on the different pm2.5 concentration Different "Linxiang". In the clear air days, dense forests will grow, and when the air pollution is severe, a sparse dead forest will grow. At night, the ink-like forest will quietly transform into a gorgeous and elegant night forest like the Japanese gold lacquer "Maki-e".
PM2.5, Day/Night

4K (3840 x 2160)