Fir Taiwania

Taiwan is a country of mountains and seas. Surrounded by the sea on all sides, more than two-thirds of the land is hills and mountains. Transform complex terrain structures within a short distance, while also breeding rich natural biological species.

We often say that the central mountain range of Taiwan is the guardian god mountain. Every year during the typhoon season, the typhoon passing through Taiwan will be blocked by the central mountain range and weakened. At the same time, the trapped moisture will become the nectar that nourishes the mountain forests of Taiwan. It also gave birth to Taiwan's unique, tall and erect Taiwan fir. The ancient trees stand tall for millions of years, and the Chinese fir is the main species. Whenever they enter the forest of Taiwan, they are always attracted by such towering trees.

The author cleverly transformed into aesthetics through mathematics and formulas, and reproduced the process of being able to grow into a forest for thousands of years. I hope that the viewers can see the beautiful mountains and forests of Taiwan while seeing the pictures. Helplessly, these beautiful environments are being destroyed little by little, and maintain the consistent attention to air pollution, reflecting the real-time concentration data of pm2.5 in the place where the work is located to the color of fir. The air is good, the woods are green, and the air is not good, turning black and white. Through the works, viewers can be reminded of the urgency of paying attention to and protecting the beautiful mountains and forests of Taiwan.
PM2.5, Day/Night

4K (3840 x 2160)